Updated at 05/05/2011 03:24:18 PM (GMT+7)

1- Design consultancy:

  • Providing service on design consultancy for water supply and sewerage projects.

2- Construction work:

a- Execution of the work:

  • Foundation construction.
  • Final work in construction.
  • Erection and installation of clean and waste water treatment equipment, installation of internal and external pipeline for water treatment plant, industrial pipeline.
  • Interior and exterior decorating works.
  • Installation of structure and auxiliaries for water supply and sewerage projects, civil and industrial projects.

b- Construction of projects:

  • Construction of water supply and waste water treatment plants.
  • Construction of portable water pipeline system, waste water pipeline system, and industrial pipeline.
  • Construction of civil and industrial projects.
  • Erection and installation of electric line and transformer station to 35KV.
  • Construction of technical infrastructure works of urban and industrial parks.
  • Construction of hydro-electric projects, transmission line and transformer stations.

3- Electro-mechanical and mechanical production

  • Producing and assembling equipment and components in water supply and sewerage sector, electro-mechanical system.

4- Investment and commercial business in range:

  • Trading material, equipments of water supply, sewerage and environment.
  • As agent for material and equipment manufacturers in local and abroad for production and consumption service.
  • Investment and trading in range of housing development, urban infrastructure, residential areas, new economic areas, industrial parks.
  • Investment and trading in water supply, sewerage and environment systems.